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  Customers and visitors at Photo Today
  Deepak Jain  Nandini Studio, Mysore.
  Customers and visitors at Photo Today

Albumizer reduces manual work, very easy to use and fastest software. Our Service time has improved 5 times because of Albumizer.

  Giriraj Karwa  Square Color Lab, Bijapur

We run all pages in Albumizer only. Its really very helpful to us and the fastest.

  Shivaji Patil  Gadhinglaj, Maharashtra

Fantastic software that eliminates extra labour involved in album designing.

  Naveen  Pro Lab, Bangalore

Albumizer is extremely user friendly. It creates unique designs and lets you edit. Certainly one of the best designing software till date.

  Nikhil Hardi  Foto Moto, Hubli

Albumizer very useful to me. I suggest my friends and studio persons that this s/w saves a lot of time and gives very neat layouts.

  Designer  Coimbatore

Albumizer designs album quickly. It really saves a lot of time.

  Savitha Shenoy  Rekha Colour Lab, Mysore

For using albumizer there is no need of workers. We run all jobs in Albumizer. It reduces work load so much.

  Photographer  Raichur

Albumizer designs pages in an hour which a man will take time of a day. Our customers are so happy because we give back their albums before promised date.

  Girish Digital Studio  Chickmaglur

Very Fast. Even operator without designing knowledge can also design.

  Anil D  Foto Spot, Hubli