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Other Album Designing Software


Ready in built templates (Results into repetitive designs and increased editing time and cost of design). No ready templates. Algorithms create new template every time. Automation of creativity.
Limited creative content Huge creative content, yet, total solution is packed in 2GB
Fail to address mass production challenge Batch processing, remote processing enables mass production of customized designs.
More of photo editing software than photo book design intelligence. Limited flexibility. Full of designing intelligence. For editing, compatible with Photoshop and PS elements (World's best photo editing software). High flexibility.
Desktop based, Non-Saas Applications Saas and partly cloud. The only Saas photo book designing application in the world.
Updates - Difficult because of base architecture. Easy online updates (50 online updates given in last 24 months).
On boarding new designers - Moderate to difficult On boarding new designers - Very Easy